Creating value through corporate operations

We are committed to a model based on identifying and executing corporate transactions with the sole purpose of creating value for our customers, so that their objectives of disinvestment or investment can be optimized.



  • Since our inception, we have invested in creating long-term and trustworthy relationships with our customers:
    • Companies.
    • Venture Capital Funds and Hedge Funds with different investment profile and different types of assets.
    • Funds or sectoral approach (infrastructure funds, technology funds, etc.).
    • Family offices.
    • Private investors.


  • We work to identify the most suitable investors for each opportunity, in early stages, aligning the parties from the outset.
  • We address opportunities for companies (minority and majority) and other assets (business units, productive assets, industrial property, debt positions, etc.).
  •  We combine our debt expertise in financing procurement operations.


  • Modeling.
  • Business Plan definition, Internationalization plans, Value creation analysis , etc.
  • Development of Teasers, Memoranda of sale, etc.
  • Identification and risks analysis associated with investments.
  • Valuation methods.