Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We advise listed and family-owned companies, individual businessmen, private equity funds and family offices on all types of corporate transactions


We have the initiative and judgment to help identify and discreetly execute on opportunities that, in our view, make strategic and financial sense

  • We spend a lot of time selecting real opportunities for our industrial and financial clients.

  • In many of our transactions we try to align the expectations of all parties, buyer and seller, from the earliest stages. This optimises time and effort, and ensures a stress-free closing for the parties.

  • We have consolidated an efficient model of bilateral acquisitions, where we try to establish a satisfactory framework for all parties from the beginning of the transaction process.


Our experience has shown that identifying specific buyers in advance and working in restricted processes significantly increases the chances of success

  • We advise sellers, analysing the financial and strategic alternatives that are most likely to succeed.

  • We are cautious when executing organised sales processes, avoiding information leaks in order to safeguard the smooth running of the business. This entails the need to carry out a prior selection process of potential buyers who, a priori, will meet the objectives of the process.

  • After this first phase, we take care of the preparation of the necessary materials and financial models and, of course, we lead the negotiation with the interested parties. At all times we try to minimise the time and resources that the seller must use in the process in order to impact as little as possible on the day-to-day running of the business being sold.

Our focus is on the origination and execution of bilateral or restricted buy-side and sell-side processes